Meet the Team

We would like to introduce you to some of the team


Is a gem, she is cool calm and collected, Her horns in ringlets, making her the glamorous one.  Nancy produces upto 8 litres a day and loves her carrots and sweet potato. A hard worker but likes her quiet time away from the kids,  reading or eating a book.

frabella soaps milking goats




Named after when she was born was pure white but had a ginger spot on her head. Ginger is a hard worker and loves to get into the milking room early,

nz made goats frabella soaps

With her busy schedule she does love to stop for a scratch and a chat. Busy with three darling kids, keeps her run off her feet.



A little hot headed and like to be a bit bossy, first in line to be milked but doesn't give alot.  she does keep the other girls in line and stops any gossip and

frabella milking goats

goatieness (like cattiness) 



Is a little gem, she was given to a friend as a kid, then was given back 8 months later as she liked to jump fences and visit the neighbours. Unfortunately the neighbours didn't appreciate their roses been trimmed. Glowbug is a keen gardener and will jump at any chance to help.




She looked like a chocolate chip cookie when she was little, and is just as sweet.  Loves a good chat and always in your business. Has a sweet tooth and loves relaxing in the sun with the kids. 





So this is only some of the Team who produce amazing natural organic goats milk.  They are important team players who get the job done. 

We create products from farm to skin and that they are the best quality, uncomplicated natural products for you.