• Handmade

    all natural ingredients

  • 100% New Zealand Made

    using only natural and organic ingredients

Welcome to Frabella Soaps

In the heart of Takapu Valley, Wellington, New Zealand.

We are a small boutique farm, milking goats who roam free outdoors.  We follow organic methods to ensure our goats are happy and healthy and produces beautiful creamy milk.

Our fresh raw milk is snap frozen to ensure all the goodness and qualities that nourish you skin making it vibrant & youthful.  Rejuvenates with alpha hydroxy acids that removes dead skin cells to revel younger healthy skin.  Goats milk is loaded with vitamins and minerals to protect skin against free radicals.

All of our soaps have at least 25% Fresh Raw Goats Milk, no added water, preservatives, chemicals, additives and no added colours.  This allows your body to fully absorb all the beneficial properties of a REAL Goats milk soap.

Featured Products

Whats so special about goats milk anyway?

In short your skin absorbs everything into your body. 

So REAL Goats Milk Soap is full of nutrients and vitamins that feed your skin.  Helping dry, sensitive skin.  Great for skin conditions such as Eczema, Dematitis, Psoriasis, acne and other skin conditions.  It helps heal from the outside in. 

Your skin will feel smoother, younger, cleaner and be refreshed.