About Us


We are situated in the beautiful Takapu Valley, Wellington, New Zealand, on a small farm. The valley has a strong family history, spanning five generations of farmers on some farms. 

We are passionate about the land and keeping things natural. We follow organic practices to ensure our land and animals are kept in the best condition.  We are amazed at the quality of products you can produce and being sustainable and environmentally friendly for the next generation.

We are so excited to bring a slice of our paradise to you in our luxury goats milk soap.


100% New Zealand made Goats Milk Soap

The Soap

We make simple luxury goats milk soap by hand, with natural premium quality ingredients. 

Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches using traditional cold processed method, to preserve the natural goodness of our ingredients.

We use 20% Goats fresh goats milk that is snap frozen then goes straight into our soap, no processing at all. Which we believe we use the most fresh goats milk than any other soap product in the world. (most other goat milk products only have 5% - check the label)

We try to keep the recipe simple and only use coconut oil, New Zealand Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil. We add 100% essential oils to create a beautiful aroma that enlightens the senses physically and emotionally.


Our Goats 

Our beautiful goats are free range grass feed with grain at milking time. 

We follow organic practices when feeding and provide supplements like seaweed and other natural products to keep them happy and healthy.

They are only milked once a day to ensure they are kept in the best condition. We have a mix of Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpine. Each Doe has its own personality and always keep us on our toes. 


Thank you for buying our soap we love sharing our slice of Paradise with you. We hope you love it as much as we do.