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All About Natural Cosmetics

Angela Brockwell

Posted on September 13 2019

All About Natural Cosmetics


Natural Cosmetics


Putting on the war paint before we leave the house in the morning is a long-held tradition from the days of Cleopatra in 30 B.C. to today's modern women and more and more men. 

Why do we do it?

To hide our natural complexion? Make us look fresh and youthful? Is it that cosmetic companies have gotten us so brainwashed that we can’t possibly level the house until the scared routine is finished to perfection?  (another blog)

Today I wonder about natural cosmetics vs commercial? And is it bad for us? All those chemicals and preservatives promising youthful, fresher skin, that will solve all of the life problems in a little jar? 

The challenge we face is the term “Natural”.  To you and me this may mean comes from mother earth and is in a somewhat state of when it was grown or how it “naturally” came about.

Well, the truth is you can have 1 ingredient in your little jar of youth that is a derivative of a natural, let’s say ‘plant’ and you can call your product natural. Which is a great selling point, never mind all the chemicals, petroleum and any other bleaches that strip your skin of its natural ability to rejuvenate and recoup.  With the by-product of becoming dependant on more products because your skin is dry, itchy and possibly having an adverse effect due to the chemicals you are absorbing?

Of course, is there is no evidence to show that the not so natural products are actually bad for you. I would love to challenge a cosmetic company to test what is happening under your skin, into your bloodstream? What happens when those ‘chemicals’ soak in? Our body is the biggest organ and absorbs what is put onto it.  So why would cosmetics be any different? 

Oh, but it's ok I wash it off at night… cleanse, tone and moisturise so it must be ok? Hmmm.  The previous 18 hours of it being on our face don’t count, right?

So, when we think about natural cosmetics in their true meaning, and yes, I mean hippy loving, tree-hugging natural where;

Plants and flower extracts are used to produce cosmetics that contain vitamins and minerals and are processed in a way that they retain all their goodness.  In terms of process, I also mean traditionally, without the use of chemicals to extract what we are after. 

These are often produced in small batches to keep them stable and keep the quality high.

There are also many plants like Kawakawa that were used for traditional Maori medicine with antibacterial and healing properties. Honey is also a wonderful natural product that is used and should be utilised in its natural form, rather than processed and its goodness tore apart.

Many producers of natural products you may find were cosmetic chemists for big commercial cosmetic houses and understand what goes in.  But they do sign away their rights to discuss it when they leave…. Makes you think what goes on that they can't talk about it? But these new producers of natural products know what is good for us and produce amazing natural quality products. Using the least amount of unnatural ingredients to stabilise and ensure the safety of products. 

Which is then soaked into your skin, surely this must be better for you? As I always refer to Cleopatra and bathing in Goats Milk, and back in 30BC there was only the natural option and she was said to be one of the most beautiful women in her time.



Take note that natural cosmetics are generally more expensive than traditional commercial cosmetics, This is due to the large quantities that commercial houses can produce in mass and for some reason, synthetic ingredients cost less to produce than natural ones? This may be the fact that using traditional methods to extract/process plants etc is a timely process, whereas you throw the right chemical in it and poof you have what you need quickly. But what happens to the chemical residue? 

But you may find that moving to a more natural routine you may use fewer products as your skin won't be so dry and generally, the natural products are more concentrated so you useless as well.  Many don’t have added water, fillers, or stuff to bulk out that jar. So it may cost you the same or even less long term.


Not Tested on Animals

Some commercial cosmetic products are tested on animals to ensure that their products are safe and effective to use. So if these so-called natural products were, in fact, natural why is there a need to test on animals?  It makes you think if we need to test on non-humans first what’s in it that could make our hair fall out, skin burns, or worse?

I challenge you when shopping next time for your next cosmetic product that you have a look at REAL Natural cosmetics which generally are great on all skin types whether your complexion is dark or fair. If you love applying makeup, you can buy blush, eye shadow, lipstick, lip balm, and foundation that are long-lasting and truly natural.  Or maybe we need to start a movement that Natural is best and we don’t need the war paint to cover our blemishes, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and natural is truly beautiful…Even I might leave the house today make up free…

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