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The Cost of Fast Food

Angela Brockwell

Posted on September 20 2019

The Cost of Fast Food

Fast Food


How many supplements do you take? 

Iron, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, multi-vitamins, laxatives, uppers, downers? And why is that? If we are eating a healthy balanced diet why are we lacking so much? Is it that is isn’t in our food? 

So what’s changed in our lifestyles that we now have one the highest rates of obesity, people are now dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, wheat-free, and allergic to almost everything. Our rates of well-being and general health are low.   How did we come to this? 


Side Effects

I do wonder about all the preservatives, colours, and over-processed foods we have today, in a quest to grow bigger, faster and perfectly shaped food with no sign of disease, a blemish or a mark, we pile on the artificial chemicals, fertilizers and goodness know what else to produce perfect fast food.  Which lack the vitamins and nutrients that food once had, you must admit food doesn’t taste the same as when you were a kid? Apples and strawberries were sweet and juicy, where now they look perfect but have no flavour. 

We are injecting garlic with garlic flavour, picking fruit months before they are ready to sit in a cool store to sell when suits the market.  Rather than waiting for it to mature and grow naturally. Is it that we are demanding it or is it the greed of corporates to produce as much as fast as possible with no thought of the side effects and consequences on our health long term?

Studies have shown the long-term effects of exposure to pesticides, including various cancers, fertility problems, neurological problems but what of it inside our food? The number of people who are not physically exposed to these pesticides but somehow our rates of illnesses is increasing.  

Not only in the fruit and vegetables but our meat is also being feed chemicals and pesticides, Even once the food is washed and packaged and put on the shelf, There still remains chemical residue but at an acceptable level? Well, what is acceptable? And how does this affect our health long term? 

There are chemicals that are no longer used but that are resistant to breakdown for long periods may remain in soil and water and thus in food which we then consume.  As we do not let the land rest, (which is for another time)  

They say eating healthy will improve the mind, body and general well-being. But how can we do this if the food we buy is contaminated with chemicals?  Yes, we can buy organic, but this is limited to a few places and costs twice as much….

I would like to see governments step up to regulate the chemicals, pesticides, and fertilisers even further than they currently do.  Producing food naturally, organically must be the best way forward to reduce our exposure to things our bodies are not made to process or can not deal with.  And to encourage sustainable and organic practices before profits. Long term burden on our health system is surely worth the cost to get back to basics.

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